Thursday, January 1, 2009

January 1st

Happy New Years! Hope you had a great one! Here is my first pic! woohoooo

I took a lot of pics around the house today....and this was my fave for several reasons.

It instantly hit me as what I needed for today...for my first pic....for inspiration for the New Year.

1. A beautiful rose is fighting the odds and flourishing in this gray cold ugly day.
Means to matter the circumstance you find yourself can come through it. With grace. With Beauty. Despite it all. You CAN survive.

2. New growth. The bud represents that the New Year holds the chance for great growth...spiritually. Physically. New chances. New life. I love it.

3. The color red. Represents to me Passion. For life. For love. I want to feel that intensity again. I want the passion.

4. The crispness of that front bud while the back is blurred signifies me putting behind me my mistakes and feelings of last year. Focus on the importance of here and now and I will find what is important.

5. The bits of dew on the bud...represent sweat to me. That all things worthwhile take work. Make you sweat a bit. And that sweat is gorgeous. And it is all worth the sweat.

so. yeah. that is my first pic.

and I have a little goodie for you.....a template I made for a week of pics!

Hope someone can use it!!

click here to download (send your friends....don't just give them the link....make them look at my pics too, hehehe)

Leave me a howdy, if you will. thanks


  1. Thanks for the template....I know I can use it. How fun.

    I love your photo.....and how you feel about it is so beautiful.

    Can't wait for more!

  2. You are so sweet to make a template!! I love your photo and all the significance you find it! Its super gorgeous, the color is wonderful and I love how there is a second one out of focus just behind it!

  3. What a beautiful photo! I love your thoughts about it, so very full of hope for the new year. Thanks so much for the great template.

  4. What a great photo! So pretty! I miss flowers this time of year. Thanks for the template!

  5. Those flowers are so pretty, we won't see ours for a few more months. And TY so much for the template:) You ROCK!!!!

  6. Love your photo for today! thanks for the template too :)

  7. Awesome photo,Tracy, thanks for the template, you are the best!!!

  8. What a great photo and I love the significance!

  9. Thanks so much!! This is perfect for scrappin the 365 pics :)

  10. What a stunning photo of the roses !! And also thank you for the template :)



  11. Thanks for the template. I love the photo you chose for today. It is beautiful!

  12. love the details in this! great shot!

  13. Beautiful rose buds, but I especially liked your thoughts about them - wonderful!

    Thanks so much for the great template for us to use!

  14. Thanks so much for the template. I have created a folder to hold all my 365 templates that way I have them right there when I am ready to scrap.

    I Love your rose!!! So beautiful! I think my rose bush finally died, we had snow yesterday =(

  15. thanks for the template- love your rose bud picture- great visual for your new year

  16. Lovely photo and you've put so much thought into it too!