Wednesday, January 14, 2009

jan 11-14th

Phew. Been soo sooo sooo busy lately...but still taking my pics. I am so happy,lol.

I will just post them all here....starting from today and going backwards.

Jan 14th.

One of my Hubby's Main Loves. His air tank. He LOVES to scuba dive.

Jan 13th

Hayden (youngest son), Tobee (grandson) and I had a blast at the park today.

jan 12th

The trees down the street during a walk Hayden and I took. Love them.

jan 11th

The root system of this cool tree.

off to see what ya'll have been up to. thanks for looking.


  1. Great pictures! Love the third one with the trees, there is so much depth in that picture! Lovely photo of your little guys too!

  2. I love love your photos! I have a park photo almost the same as yours. I think it may be a boy thing.teehee!

  3. Really awesome photos!! I love the scuba tank. I am terrified of open water like that so its always captivating to me lol!

  4. fab photos as always hun, glad you're still keeping up, got a littlw worried here! LOL

  5. Great pictures!! I love the perspective you got of the two boys at the park!! So fun!


  6. we love scuba too! great picture!!!

    blog award for you :)