Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jan 9th and 10th photos

hi hi!
here with pics 9 and 10.

today's are some of my little outside xmas guys waiting to be put away. they are oh so sad!!

Yesterday I loaded my boys, mom and dad into the car and we went to old downtown. Had a little walk around and got some pics. woohoooo!

here is a fave I got today,lol. they just make me laugh....and that is a split chin on hayden....was walking the railing of brother's bunk bed and fell off and hit it on the ladder. sighhhhhh

silly imps!

(and just to show you...they are NOT always that amused with each was a mere 5 mins later)

andddd guess what? (this will work for you pj 365 players or other.

Have you been toying with the idea of playing in project 365....but you petered out last year? or you just don't want the commitment? Or do you just want another way to showcase some of those awesome pics you are taking?

Well...guess what. Val and I are running We bring to you the Project 52!!!

It is less commitment with the same amount of fun.

Each Monday you will get a new template from me (and sometimes another FPD designer). You then take your pic, and use the template to scrap it.

Sounds good? Want moreeee?

Well... Every week we will do a random draw and one weekly winner will be chosen for a $5 GC to a FPD designer.

And every third month, we will pick a random LO and the creator will win a $10 GC of a FPD designer.

and at the very end....there will be a grand prize drawing....for ppl who don't miss one week. a bag of coupons! woohooo

wanna see the template I will be giving out Monday to the players?

here is mine for this week.

come on over and sign up! it will be funnnnnnnn! click here to go to the challenge

and did you guys SEEEEEE the W&W PJ 365 collection. I am soooo drooling over this. sighhhh. on my list,lol.


  1. cute photo of your boys, love the first one!...yes it's always love and second later it could be 'hate'!

  2. Great pictures and thanks for sharing the challenge. I will stop by on Monday.

  3. Your photos are so wonderful! Love the ligth! Here it is dark when I leave for work and almost dark when I come home. Not much ligth to take pics in....

  4. The photos of your boys are really great! And a great template too!

  5. Love the pics, especially your sons.

  6. Great pictures, all of them. The santas looks a little sad, but your two guys looks happy enough for all of them. So cute boys you have!!

  7. Great pics! thanks for the templates too!!

  8. Such great pictures - love your Santas (I have a small collection, also). Such cute boys (and sounds like all boy, too, just what a daredevil would do - LOL - glad he wasn't hurt too badly)! The 52 week challenge sounds like fun but I'm committed now to the 365. I started doing it last year and dropped my camera so I had to stop. Great template, too! Great picture of the old movie theater! I love old theaters, so nostalgic! TFS!

  9. Really wonderful photos, the ones of the santa's made me giggle and your boys are just so cute!

  10. Great photos, love your boys near the wall simply amazing!

  11. wonderful boys you have - and great shots!!

  12. Great pics!! They look like they would keep you in stitches!! :)