Thursday, January 29, 2009

jan 26th-29th

jan 29th

my mom and hayden making cookies...I have been sick, so she came up to take care of me...always her baby. lol

jan 28th

hayden wanted me to take a pic of his batman in his room

jan 27th

sun getting low in my back yard.

jan 26th

chase and hayden were playing knights and tied up his trusty steed and left him overnight,lol.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

jan 24th and 25th.

Happy Sunday. Hope all is well with you all. It is semi sunny here and the boys and I are healthy. They are playing and happy! Daddy is home. I made a yummy breakfast for the is good.

This mirror makes me so happy. It is pretty. It matches the living room perfectly. and it was FREE! DH found it thrown into the dumpster at a job site that had just finished. The decorators didn't want it. So...ta dahhhhh! I did! woohoo go me

This is one of my biggest addictions! I love my diet soda. a LOT. I have to get this out of my body! ughhhhh

Friday, January 23, 2009

Jan 15th-23

Yikes...has it been that long. Between a NASTY virus and hubby being gone to WA to look for work...I have been swamped. But guess who STILL took her pics. yuppppp. meeee.

here they are. phew....hold on to your socks and grab a drink...gonna be a long one. wink

and yeah...I need a new camera. my family might buy me one. what is the best for under 400 buckaroos??

starting with today. Jan 23rd.

I had to go pick my daughter up from work and passed this cool orchard. I love orchards. ahhhhhh.

Jan 22nd....the swing set is so lonely with out the boys....and vice versa. It is raining its pouring!!

Jan 21st

Part of the fantastic backyard at son's preschool. the buildings were all built and painted by the parents (we are a co-op). I love it there.

jan 20th

last night was boyscouts. daddy being gone meant momma trucked over with both boys. Of course it wasn't a night for singing, learning code, art or anything like that. It was making stilts. The three of us cranked these out in NO time at all...very easy peasy. Now...the hard part...walking on them ;)

Jan 19th...

Just leaving for boyscouts. Thought this would come out better than it did...oh well...

Jan 18th

the saddest thing ever. Chase in joy (and blurred he was flying so high) swinging and Hayden so sad that he just can't get his legs to get the whole thing down. legssss in legs outttt. poor monkey.

Jan 17th

something I need to do more of....hang signs over my door,lol.

Jan 16th

some stuff that I cannot live with out!!

my new purse my momma got me for an early bday late xmas present, sunglasses (for hayden and I)...we have sensitive eyes, my lips get horrible, japanese cherry blossom perfume, degree clinical protection deodorant, lash blast mascara, my ped egg, my dangly bracelet (makes all babies happy), my ipod.

ahhhhh. life is good!!

jan 15th

snapshot of a painting my daddy painted. he is awesome. sure wish he still painted...I would if I had that talent.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

jan 11-14th

Phew. Been soo sooo sooo busy lately...but still taking my pics. I am so happy,lol.

I will just post them all here....starting from today and going backwards.

Jan 14th.

One of my Hubby's Main Loves. His air tank. He LOVES to scuba dive.

Jan 13th

Hayden (youngest son), Tobee (grandson) and I had a blast at the park today.

jan 12th

The trees down the street during a walk Hayden and I took. Love them.

jan 11th

The root system of this cool tree.

off to see what ya'll have been up to. thanks for looking.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

freebie and info

happy sunday. hope you are all good. is brrrrrrr here!!

Today mom and I are going to do a bit of shopping. so I will take my pic while we are out.

I wanted to make sure I told you all a couple things.

first...I have a freebie on my other blog....if you want it grab it soon...I will be taking it down.

second...for project can still do it even if you are doing pj365. I am. Just going to use one of the pics I take during the week and turn it into a layout with the template I give out. can play. If you don't want to do every week...that just means you won't be eligible for the grand prize at the end...but you still can get the templates and if you do a get entered for that week's coupon from a designer.

ok....see ya'll later with my pic!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jan 9th and 10th photos

hi hi!
here with pics 9 and 10.

today's are some of my little outside xmas guys waiting to be put away. they are oh so sad!!

Yesterday I loaded my boys, mom and dad into the car and we went to old downtown. Had a little walk around and got some pics. woohoooo!

here is a fave I got today,lol. they just make me laugh....and that is a split chin on hayden....was walking the railing of brother's bunk bed and fell off and hit it on the ladder. sighhhhhh

silly imps!

(and just to show you...they are NOT always that amused with each was a mere 5 mins later)

andddd guess what? (this will work for you pj 365 players or other.

Have you been toying with the idea of playing in project 365....but you petered out last year? or you just don't want the commitment? Or do you just want another way to showcase some of those awesome pics you are taking?

Well...guess what. Val and I are running We bring to you the Project 52!!!

It is less commitment with the same amount of fun.

Each Monday you will get a new template from me (and sometimes another FPD designer). You then take your pic, and use the template to scrap it.

Sounds good? Want moreeee?

Well... Every week we will do a random draw and one weekly winner will be chosen for a $5 GC to a FPD designer.

And every third month, we will pick a random LO and the creator will win a $10 GC of a FPD designer.

and at the very end....there will be a grand prize drawing....for ppl who don't miss one week. a bag of coupons! woohooo

wanna see the template I will be giving out Monday to the players?

here is mine for this week.

come on over and sign up! it will be funnnnnnnn! click here to go to the challenge

and did you guys SEEEEEE the W&W PJ 365 collection. I am soooo drooling over this. sighhhh. on my list,lol.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Hi there. Got a little behind in posting, but still taking the pics! woohooooo so here are the last few days.

Jan 8th

We love to go camping at Fort Bragg CA. The ocean centers us. My hubby is a big diver...and loves to cook us up some yummy Abalone. We have a few of his shells lined up on the fence of our side yard.

Jan 7th

My son Chase loves to "work in his lab" cracking open rocks and looking for interesting formations and such. here is part of his little set up.

and another shot of it :)

Jan 6th.

a doorstop my MIL made for hubby with beach glass. She is very eco friendly and loves to do crafty things. And we love the beach. Thought it had some great texture and color. to check ya'lls pics! ;)

Monday, January 5, 2009

jan 5th.

this one is so fun,lol. My chandelier over my dining table. My girlie Missy gave it to me many moons ago. I still adore it. The colors, the warm glow it lends to my house, the way it makes me think of the Strands, the way my kiddos love it. Just perfect. I am looking for some sconces to match it for my wall in the living room (I have one of those houses where I have no dining room...just a dining spot situated between the kitchen and living room (hate that, but it is what it is).

and guess whattttt?? I am on the mend. I feel it! yay for antibiotics,lol. thanks for all the loving and praying for me. mawahhh.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

jan 4th picture

I had to make sure today's wasn't any nature pic (lol...though I took a lot of them today). It was a sunny beautiful day. Still sick. Boys still gone (wahhhh, I miss them. But with my bad cold, throat and double pink eye....probably not the best place for them to be) I sat out there and soaked up some vitamin D and tried to get some fresh air. and then I took some pics.

I picked this one as my "ONE" for today because it represents a lot to me.

My continuing search for spirituality is a biggie for me. I wasn't brought up in a religious family. I was 8 when I first starting searching. I rode a bike to the church down the street every Sunday for a couple month's...trying to figure it all out. All my adult life I have searched for some "answer". Churches. Bible study. Friends who have faith. I STILL don't know exactly what I believe. It drives me crazy..especially now that I have sweet boys who want to know who God is? Who is Jesus? What is all this about momma?". three personality tests have shown about me. I am kind of split down the middle....seriously. They show I am rooted strongly in academia. What I can prove. What I can touch. Practical. Rational. This, to me in this instance, is science. And then I have the dreamer. The believer. The artist. The trier. This is my search for how, why, faith, reasons??? Why am I here?

So. The sun hit my angel just right...and made the most beautiful picture.

And I snapped it.

And it makes me happy.

Please, if you are a true believer. Don't judge me. I am a good person. I am trying to figure out what I believe and how to believe in things you feel but cannot prove. It took a lot to post this To share. to hope. Be kind.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

~*~*~*~*~day 3~*~*~*~*~

so today we have the trees in my backyard. these trees....oh they drive me crazyyyyy.

don't know what they are....but in the summer they give me the greatest shade. they are beautiful. But. they attract the white flies like NO ONE's business! That makes this sticky residue to get all over anything underneath them. hte ground. the toys, the flowers...anything. gross. yuck. grrrrr.

but. they are pretty. even on a gray early morning against the sky.


ok. the girls who said no theme....she seems to be on a nature/backyard theme, eh?

keep in mind. sick as a dog....(I now have flippin PINK EYE in both eyes. WTH, sigh) keeps me stuck at home. Hopefully soon I will get some pics of out and about!

hugs and kisses

Friday, January 2, 2009

Jan 2nd photo

Still ucky weather and I feel like crud...still sick. so pics around the house still,lol.

Here is today's. My fountain and maple tree.

I really like the gray today. Made the colors really pop (with help from a little sharpening and edge burn,lol). and I love my tree and fountain....give's me such peace. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

thanks for looking.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

January 1st

Happy New Years! Hope you had a great one! Here is my first pic! woohoooo

I took a lot of pics around the house today....and this was my fave for several reasons.

It instantly hit me as what I needed for today...for my first pic....for inspiration for the New Year.

1. A beautiful rose is fighting the odds and flourishing in this gray cold ugly day.
Means to matter the circumstance you find yourself can come through it. With grace. With Beauty. Despite it all. You CAN survive.

2. New growth. The bud represents that the New Year holds the chance for great growth...spiritually. Physically. New chances. New life. I love it.

3. The color red. Represents to me Passion. For life. For love. I want to feel that intensity again. I want the passion.

4. The crispness of that front bud while the back is blurred signifies me putting behind me my mistakes and feelings of last year. Focus on the importance of here and now and I will find what is important.

5. The bits of dew on the bud...represent sweat to me. That all things worthwhile take work. Make you sweat a bit. And that sweat is gorgeous. And it is all worth the sweat.

so. yeah. that is my first pic.

and I have a little goodie for you.....a template I made for a week of pics!

Hope someone can use it!!

click here to download (send your friends....don't just give them the link....make them look at my pics too, hehehe)

Leave me a howdy, if you will. thanks