Sunday, January 11, 2009

freebie and info

happy sunday. hope you are all good. is brrrrrrr here!!

Today mom and I are going to do a bit of shopping. so I will take my pic while we are out.

I wanted to make sure I told you all a couple things.

first...I have a freebie on my other blog....if you want it grab it soon...I will be taking it down.

second...for project can still do it even if you are doing pj365. I am. Just going to use one of the pics I take during the week and turn it into a layout with the template I give out. can play. If you don't want to do every week...that just means you won't be eligible for the grand prize at the end...but you still can get the templates and if you do a get entered for that week's coupon from a designer.

ok....see ya'll later with my pic!



  1. Tracy....I definitely want to Project 52. I tried signing up, and couldn't get into the forum. I asked for my password twice. But each time, it said it was wrong! I emailed the administrator...but never heard back.
    If you can do anything, I'd appreciate it. Also, I definitely want in on this project.

  2. Super shots, all great! One thing I have in common with your husband..... or maybe two blush...