Friday, January 9, 2009


Hi there. Got a little behind in posting, but still taking the pics! woohooooo so here are the last few days.

Jan 8th

We love to go camping at Fort Bragg CA. The ocean centers us. My hubby is a big diver...and loves to cook us up some yummy Abalone. We have a few of his shells lined up on the fence of our side yard.

Jan 7th

My son Chase loves to "work in his lab" cracking open rocks and looking for interesting formations and such. here is part of his little set up.

and another shot of it :)

Jan 6th.

a doorstop my MIL made for hubby with beach glass. She is very eco friendly and loves to do crafty things. And we love the beach. Thought it had some great texture and color. to check ya'lls pics! ;)


  1. fab photos hun and wished I lived by the sea, love those shells and those peices of glass are beautiful!

  2. Awesome rocks and shells and more. Its neat how you bring the beach to your place.

  3. WOW, wonderful photos and the shells are amazing!