Friday, January 23, 2009

Jan 15th-23

Yikes...has it been that long. Between a NASTY virus and hubby being gone to WA to look for work...I have been swamped. But guess who STILL took her pics. yuppppp. meeee.

here they are. phew....hold on to your socks and grab a drink...gonna be a long one. wink

and yeah...I need a new camera. my family might buy me one. what is the best for under 400 buckaroos??

starting with today. Jan 23rd.

I had to go pick my daughter up from work and passed this cool orchard. I love orchards. ahhhhhh.

Jan 22nd....the swing set is so lonely with out the boys....and vice versa. It is raining its pouring!!

Jan 21st

Part of the fantastic backyard at son's preschool. the buildings were all built and painted by the parents (we are a co-op). I love it there.

jan 20th

last night was boyscouts. daddy being gone meant momma trucked over with both boys. Of course it wasn't a night for singing, learning code, art or anything like that. It was making stilts. The three of us cranked these out in NO time at all...very easy peasy. Now...the hard part...walking on them ;)

Jan 19th...

Just leaving for boyscouts. Thought this would come out better than it did...oh well...

Jan 18th

the saddest thing ever. Chase in joy (and blurred he was flying so high) swinging and Hayden so sad that he just can't get his legs to get the whole thing down. legssss in legs outttt. poor monkey.

Jan 17th

something I need to do more of....hang signs over my door,lol.

Jan 16th

some stuff that I cannot live with out!!

my new purse my momma got me for an early bday late xmas present, sunglasses (for hayden and I)...we have sensitive eyes, my lips get horrible, japanese cherry blossom perfume, degree clinical protection deodorant, lash blast mascara, my ped egg, my dangly bracelet (makes all babies happy), my ipod.

ahhhhh. life is good!!

jan 15th

snapshot of a painting my daddy painted. he is awesome. sure wish he still painted...I would if I had that talent.


  1. Great pictures! Hope everyone is feeling better.

  2. I enjoyed your pics...I too am in awe of the groves of trees...I am in Northern Cali..and we have Walnut trees here too...I take so many pics of

  3. I hope everyone is feeling better. Great pictures!

  4. what for great picture,i hope everyone is feeling better

  5. Hope everyone is better. Love the photos. How cool that your dad painted! It looks great!

  6. Wonderful pictures! Love the contrast between the brown of the trees and the green of the grass. Your poor swing set - it does looks lonely. What a great back yard at the school! It's so colorful, not wonder the kids love it. What a good Mom you are, the stilts came out great! I would probably break my leg on them (LOL)! I think the one of the jet with the jet stream turned out great. The one of your boys on the swing set sure shows opposite emotions. I'm sure he'll get the hang of it in time. Yes, I need more signs in my house, too, all positive ones. Your Dad is really talented. Love the purse shot - I love red and that is so cute!

    Hope everyone feels better soon and your hubby has luck in his job search! Have a great weekend!

  7. More great shots, Tracy. Wonderful photo of that orchard. I recall a ride from Yuba City to Sacramento in the middle of a foggy night and them orchards where just like ghosts. You sure have a lot of fruit farms around! Love coming here and seeing your photography.